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Morning Coffee

Just a couple quick notes before I settle in to watch Kentucky-Clemson.

Reader Brian Barnes writes in to note that Vince Young is now 10-2 against the spread as a starter in his rookie season, failing to cover only in weeks four (his first ever start, at Dallas) and nine (at Jacksonville). Truthfully, I intended to link to most every VY article this season, but he's performed so damn well that there are far, far too many to ever list. You could, literally, operate a full time VY blog and it would never get boring. Or lack material. Hrmm...

Lots of cool stuff happening with bloggers during bowl season. You already know about the Black Shoe Diaries bowl wagering game. Let me direct you over to Building The Dam, where Jake is running a delightfully entertaining competition: XBox versus Jake versus A Coin. Full simulations, predictions, and coin flips for every bowl game. Personally? I'm rooting for the coin.

Following Texas A&M and Kansas State's blowout losses yesterday, the Big 12 dropped to - gulp - 0-11 against ranked out of conference teams in 2006. Worse, they've lost those games by an average of 18 points. I've noted before that this conference went through growing pains with some young quarterbacks this season, but that's still a jaw-dropping number. 0-11. Ouch.

Last, if you're interested in listening to my interview on Houston's 790 AM The Sports Animal from Wednesday, click here for the audio.