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Sending Off The Seniors

Tomorrow marks the last time we'll get to see Texas football for nine months, which is both terrifying and sad. But tomorrow is also the last time we'll ever get to see eleven Texas seniors play.

This year's senior class is the winningest in school history and a national title winning group. A fond farewell and thank you for Justin Blalock, Tim Crowder, Mike Griffin Tully Janszen, Greg Johnson, Brian Robison, Aaron Ross, Lyle Sendlein, Kasey Studdard, Brett Valdez, and Selvin Young.

I'll remember each of them fondly. Blalock, Studdard, and Sendlein, for their amazing play in the trenches. Mike Griffin for his critical interception of Matt Leinart in the 2005 Rose Bowl. Aaron Ross and his memorable 2006 campaign. Selvin Young, for making it all the way back. I'll remember Tully Janszen's big goatee, and Brett Valdez's hunting video. Brian Robison leaping through the air to block kicks. Tim Crowder scoring an amazing touchdown against Rice. Even Greg Johnson, the man who was asked to do a little bit of everything.

To all of them - THANK YOU. And good luck.

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