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Two Cents: One Game Quarterback Controversy

Texas has reported that they will not break Sherrod Harris' redshirt for a bowl game, so now the rub. We've already asked if we should play Colt or not, but assuming Colt can't play, who should play quarterback in the Alamo Bowl?

On the one hand, we have walk-on Matt McCoy who, though he shares a last name with Colt, has none of the talent/experience. On the other there's flanker Quan Cosby, and to a lesser extent Billy Pittman. Both were high school quarterbacks and would suffice in a pinch.

Two questions: Who should play and who will play?

For my Two Cents I'm for using a base formation of 3 wides (Sweed on one side, Pittman and Shipley on the other) with Quan in the shotgun and JC/SY offset slightly behind him, then we can experiment with the Arkansas craziness of having Pittman and Shipley coming end around where Cosby could hit Sweed or hand off to Shipley who can run and Pittman who can run and throw, and then experiment with direct snaps to JC/SY to keep the running fairly vertical, but that's just crazy.