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Inside Scoop On DC Candidate Brian Van Gorder

Murmurs that Georgia Southern coach Brian Van Gorder may be on Mack Brown's short list of candidates to fill Chizik's shoes got me interested in learning more about the man. I talked to PWD from Georgia Sports for the inside scoop on the Bulldogs defensive coordinator from 2002-2004.

Here's what he told me:

Van Gorder made a huge mistake in moving to GSU.  He's like a fish out of water there.  They've run a monumentally successful triple option attack since the program's inception in '81.  The "HamBone" won 5 or 6 national titles in 15 years in Div I-AA.  When Van Gorder arrived, he ditched the bone.  The fans had a sh-t fit.

He ditched the bone because no one would want to hire a Wishbone head coach from a Div I-AA school.   Only the military academies dig that.

If you listed the reasons why a Div I-AA fan base wouldn't be happy with you changing their offense, I'm sure "If I keep your offense, I won't be able to get a better job quickly" isn't a good reason.

He's a very good defensive coach; perfectly suited for a DC role.  But he's very prickly. Too prickly for a HC job.

He's not a fire breather like Tenuta. Nor as warm as Kines.  More of a teacher who demands total excellence and discipline.  Big assignment guy.  His defenses were exceptional at UGA.  His LB play in particular was fast, violent and aggressive.  He's all about violence and approaching the ball carrier with "bad intentions."  I think he's a better DC than Tenuta or Kines.  I'd take Chizick over Van Gorder, but I can't think of another DC in America I'd want over BVG.  Note: He's not a baby kisser so he's not the best recruiter. Sort of abrassive.  That said, Tenuta is an ass face to deal with.   Of the three guys only Kines is a really good recruiter.

That said, I'd be shocked if he was willing to admit defeat at GSU after only 1 year.

Sounds pretty good to me. Especially that part about linebackers seeking ball carriers with "bad intentions." That was sorely lacking this season.

[editor's note, by aorist9] Plus he looks like a perfect match for Akina...

And we would call them the 'stache duo