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Morning Coffee

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We get a few select quotes from Mack Brown on the Alamo Bowl bid, though the comments are well short of the press conference we're all waiting for. (Or maybe I'm just waiting for.) Anyway, this seems like a good Monday for Mack to sit down with the reporters, so we'll keep our eyes and ears open.

Greg Davis confirmed that the team will not remove the redshirt from Sherrod Harris just for the bowl game. As of now, it'll be the two McCoys, though Davis notes that the team will "have a third guy ready." Presumably, that's either Billy Pittman or Quan Cosby. I'm still not sold on the upside to bringing back McCoy, and though it's very clearly a medical decision, what I learned about stingers last week has me a bit uncomfortable about letting Colt suit up to play.

Speaking of the future of Texas at quarterback, super recruit John Brantley was shut out in the state championship game, failing to record a touchdown pass. His Trinity Celtics lost the state title 25-11 to the team they defeated last year for the championship.

Not everyone's happy about the how the final BCS standings shook out, but I think everyone can agree that Joel's Animated Race to the BCS is one of the coolest things you'll see. Well worth checking out.

Don't look now but Vince Young has led his Titans to five wins in their last seven, including a victory yesterday over the previously 10-1 Indianapolis Colts. Vince was magical once again, using both his feet and his arm to lead the Titans to a comeback win. Frankly, with Vince's emergence, the Titans have become one of - if not the - most exciting teams in the NFL. Expect regular Titans reports on this site from here on out. I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again: I now officially love the Titans. Vince is so, so much fun to watch.