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Who wants to be the Texas D Coordinator Part 2: Jon Tenuta

If Joe Kines is grandpa, then Jon Tenuta is the drill sergeant.

Just itching to get back into his fatigues

I know VanGorder's the hot name, but we've already talked about him and his mustache, so let's talk about Tenuta for a second.

Tenuta is somewhat known for his fiery demeanor and his opportunistic defenses.  Tenuta's Georgia Tech defenses have thrived on exotic blitzes drawn up by Tenuta each week and have dampened the negative effects of Reggie Ball by stiffening after every interception.  Tenuta started his coaching career in '81 as a graduate assistant at his alma mater UVA and has coached at Maryland ('83), Vanderbilt ('84-'5), Marshall ('86-'7), Kansas State ('88), SMU ('89-'94), Oklahoma ('95), and finally Ohio State ('96-'99) before going to Georgia Tech.  At both SMU and Ohio State Tenuta started as the defensive backs coach and was promoted to defensive coordinator.  Expertise in the secondary seems to be what some people are wishing for, but, as long as Akina is here, we already have a secondary guru.

Pros:  Greg Robinson and Gene Chizik have benefitted the defense with their fire, and Tenuta has no lack thereof, but is it too much?  Is he not cuddly enough for recruiting?  Opportunism in blitzing might help out a young secondary in his first year.

Cons:  I don't know if we want to touch anything thats been near Chan Gailey for that long.  Mediocrity could rub off on us.  Sure his defense is the bright spot at GT, but you never know.