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Morning Coffee

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If you needed further proof that a majority of mainstream football writers are dim-witted, look no further than this year's Bronco Nagurski Award choice - James Laurinaitis of Ohio State. The sophomore linebacker won the award - presented annually to college football's "best defensive player overall" - ahead of actually worthy nominees like Leon Hall (Michigan), Gaines Adams (Clemson) and Reggie Nelson (Florida). The Bronco Nagurski Award is voted on by members of the Football "Writers" Association of America (FWAA). (It's seriously about time that we switch that 'W' to an 'R' - these are Reporters, and many, many great football Writers are excluded.) Anyway, the FRAA is clueless; Laurinaitis wasn't even the best defender on his team, let alone his conference, or the entire freaking country.

AAS's Suzanne Haliburton summarizes the Chizik replacement rumor mill, which we're proud to be a part of. Speaking of cocahing carousel rumor alerts, SMQ is in (Mike Leach to Miami?). And BlockU's got the entire coaching carousel covered.

We covered Vince's greatness in detail yesterday, but here's one more nice VY article, via The Tennessean. Money stat: in his last two games against the Manning brothers, Young completed 39-of-60 for 412 yards and four touchdowns against two interceptions. He also ran for 147 yards, one of his 19 carries going for a touchdown. He's picked up eight first downs on third down - six running, two passing. Niiiice.

Around the Blogosphere

If you're not reading EDSBS, well, you should be. Here's a nice introduction to the site: 10 reasons why Michigan fans should be happy. Classic.

Benny and Yost at the MZone get the real story behind the Harris Poll.

Carolina March spends some time contemplating many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and decides that one of the possible outcomes is TH March as NCAA President! Hooray for us, as we get a college football playoff out of it. I'll be participating in his bracket challenge, breaking down one of the games in the coming days.

Rakes has one of the best comprehensive bowl previews I've seen; worth checking out as you prep for bowl season.

Todd at RBR is seeking Oklahoma State bloggers to exchange questions with for the bowl game with Bama. Might be a long search, Todd.