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Vince vs. Hoge

For so long a time there was Vince and there was Hoge, each living separate lives, the one as the next coming of Jesus, the other as a washed up player turned ESPN analyst, but, as Vince opted to enter the fraternity of professional quarterbacks, Merrill Hoge lodged his formal complaint against the whole thing...and it was on.

Now for the first time that I'm aware of... I bring Vince and Hoge together to settle this once and for all. Enjoy.

[A Vince sized hat tip is owed to Matt at BevoSports for having the forsight to tape Merrill Hoge's pre-season comments, or else knowing someone with the aforementioned forsight. Also thanks to for the game film. I couldn't have done this without their assistance.]

Merrill Hoge is now the most recent victim of Blatant Vinceyoungery