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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is all about giving you a few things to read as you sip your morning joe - a warmup for the day. Usually we'll cover the latest Longhorn news, or direct you to interesting posts across the internet and blogosphere. Well, there's crap for Texas news today, but I'm going to urge you in the strongest way I can to head over to DawgSports to read Kyle's "Reasonable Response To MGoBlog." Simply put, it's one of the best posts written in the past year. Eloquent, measured, on-point. Go, now, and read it.

The denizen of football know-nothingness is laughing at Texas. Of all the teams to talk sh-t to, you'd think USC fans would pick one their team's actually beat.

One of my favorites from last year is back - the SMQ Readers Choice Awards. First up: "The D'Brickashaw Onyenegecha Trophy", presented annually to the football player with the most outstanding name in college football. I went with Mike Klinkenborg, but all the nominees are worthy.

I did manage to watch a chunk of the LSU-Texas A&M basketball game. The Tigers looked pretty solid, but Texas A&M was just what AW and I have been saying - all athletes, no basketball players. Those athletes are really great athletes, but there's not a shooter on the team. The wildly overrated Aggies shot a miserable 37% from the floor and looked like a football team trying to play hoops. Even if the Aggies manage to out-athlete a majority of their competition this year, don't be fooled heading into the tournament. They have zero chance of making a deep run. Zero.

Last, but not least, head over to Black Shoe Diaries for a really well-thought out Bowl Pick 'Em contest. Entrants will have a stack of money/points to wager across the bowl season. Winner gets $50. I'll be participating.