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Streaks on the line in the Alamo Bowl

Just another reason to care about the upcoming Alamo Bowl.  Texas has several streaks to look after, and they're pretty much our only streaks now because we lost our last home and road and conference games.

6 straight wins at neutral sites (2 at the Rose Bowl, 2 at the Cotton Bowl, and 2 at Reliant assuming that the game vs. Rice at Reliant counts)

2 straight bowl wins

Texas hasn't lost to a team that didn't have a winning record at the time since September 16th 2000, when we lost in Palo Alto to 0-1 Stanford.

11 straight years with a 1,000 yard rusher - Jamaal Charles currently has 805 yards on the season.  I think we all remember a superhuman effort in last year's bowl to keep this streak alive.

5 straight seasons with at least 10 wins

Texas hasn't lost 3 straight games since 1999 when we lost to A&M, Nebraska, and Arkansas to end the year.

Update [2006-12-7 13:49:45 by aorist9]: Thanks to the help of GoHorns we're ready to report that it's been about 107 straight weeks that Texas has been ranked in the top 25.

Just something to think about.