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Morning Coffee

Aaron Ross won the Thorpe Award? I guess I can't really bitch at the F'W'AA about the Bronco Nagurski choice of Laurinaitis without also pointing out that they botched it with Ross. Aaron did have an outstanding season, but I think we all saw in the Kansas State game that "nation's best defensive back" might have been a stretch. Great news for Ross, though, who did deserve to be recognized for his season. Thorpe Award winner? Maybe not. But a fine season nonetheless.

Mack had a mini-press conference, though it was really just a mandated Alamo Bowl appearance with Kirk Ferentz. Nothing newsworthy yet. Both Colt's injury status and the defensive coordinator search were summarily dismissed as issues to be commented on. Wait and see.

Rivals says Skyline defensive back Christian Scott will make an official visit to Texas in January. Es bueno. We'll keep you updated.

My goodness: money talks. West Virginia's Rich Rodriguez looks like he'll forgo a chance to make one more run with Pat Slaton and become Alabama's next head coach. Looks like an uphill battle, at least in the short-term.  Assuming Rodriguez joins the Tide, that'll make four straight big name hires in the SEC: Rich Rodriguez, Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier, Les Miles.  Wait... Les Miles?

All indications are that Mack Brown and Texas really will wait until after the bowl season to make a defensive coordinator hire. Fine by me. I don't see a need to rush.