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Stoops To Pull A Sampson?

Could the land thieves be headed for sanctions this offseason? Rumor has it that Stoops is expecting some officiall fallout from the Bomar/Quinn fiasco. If so, the long-standing speculation that Bob Stoops might bolt the Sooners might meet reality.

If sanctions are headed OU's way, and Stoops intends to leave, he's missing out on all the big college jobs that have opened up. That would mean, in all likelihood, that a Stoops defection would be to the NFL.

Does Stoops have any desire to do that?

Your guess is as good as mine, but after the job Stoops pulled this season in rallying the Sooners from disaster, he'd be a hot, hot commodity. NFL analysts say it's all but certain that Denny Green is done at Arizona after the season. It wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Bob Stoops in Phoenix next season.