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Afternoon Tea

BCS controversy? Kyle doesn't understand. This is why I imagine Kyle's a mighty fine lawyer. This seems like as good a time as any to congratulate Kyle for his election as president of the Henry County Bar Association for 2007. Well-deserved, no doubt.

You know Peter King's "Ten Things I Think" segment from his Monday Morning Quarterback column? Well, here's ten things LD thinks, and they're all interesting. As always.

It's Friday. Which means EDSBS cheesecake. By cheesecake, Orson means Latina TnA, of course.

Think Kellen Heard's vicious hit on Colt McCoy was the dirtiest hit of the 2006 football season? The Wiz lets you decide.

I mentioned this in the comment section of this morning's notes, but the reason Texas isn't in the Gator Bowl is the ACC, not the bowl officials themselves. Seems the Gator Bowl wanted a Clemson-Texas matchup, but got strong-armed into the current matchup. 54b asks where Texas' muscle in all this was. Good question.

I mentioned that I'm going to Houston Sunday for the Titans-Texans game, which I couldn't be more excited for. Did I mention I'll be heading from Reliant Stadium straight to the Toyota Center to watch Texas-LSU? Is that a great Sunday or what? I'll have a full trip report for the site on Monday. With pictures.

And last, but not least, a huge congratulations to my girlfriend for being admitted to Notre Dame Law School today. Couldn't be prouder. (Or happier: the thought of moving to South Bend, Indiana by myself was starting to terrify me.)