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Prospect Profile: Lamarr Houston

By Josh Austin, Recruiting Writer

It is no secret that Mack and crew emphasize recruiting Texas players.  About 90% of players recruited by Texas are in-state.  The coaches do, however, go after a select few out of state players.  This year, one of the few non-Texans is Lamarr Houston.  How's that for irony?  The Colorado Springs native is listed as a defensive end and full back - just another one of many versatile recruits this season.  

Houston isn't big for a DE, but he moves exceptionally well.  He will probably remind a lot of Horn fans of Cory Redding.  Officially, he goes 6'2", 257 lbs and runs a 4.9 40.  Those numbers aren't stunning, but you really need to see Houston in action to get the full effect.  Rivals has him ranked as the 6th best DE in the country.  As a FB, Houston fits the mold well, with a bit of extra speed to boot.  

Houston presents the most interesting dilemma as far as where to play him.  Fullback is a shallow position for Texas as Ahmad Hall leaves.  Senior Marcus Myers looks to be the starter but he certainly hasn't seen much playing time at UT as of yet.  If injuries hit Myers, Houston could be a possibility, especially if the coaches decide to keep Melton as a goal line back.  At end, the Longhorns have three experienced players returning in Crowder, Orakpo, and Robison.  Houston would most likely work with the second or third team as an end.  As always, injuries can change anything drastically.  The most likely color you will see Houston in next year is red.  In my opinion, the most interesting point of Houston signing with Texas is the shunning of CU.  Colorado made a big push for Lamarr, an in-state player.  Looks like the North gets weaker and weaker.

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