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The BON Early All America Team

These are subject to change, but let's take a look at who we think is most deserving of All America honors.

JJ Reddick, Senior, Duke

Okay, he's good. With In-The-Gym range, a scorer mentality, and the refs in his back pocket, Reddick can be downright unstoppable at times. Texas did a horrific job of chasing him around the court and he torched the Horns for 164 points in the first half. While I like to think Reddick won't have much of a pro career, the fact is he's developed in to a strong ball player with an NBA career ahead of him. He may never be an All Star, but he can be a regular starter in the pros. Hard to argue against Reddick (who sports an astounding 1.61 points per shot) for Player of the Year in college hoops this year.

Adam Morrison, Junior, Gonzaga

Hard to believe that Gonzaga was the only school that recruited this guy, but it's true. Only a junior, Morrison has a higher ceiling in the pros than Reddick, even if he hasn't been -quite- as impressive as the Dookie has been this year. Morrison's release point on his shot is just beautiful and allows him to shoot with hands in his face like no other. Has a scorer's mentality and Larry Bird-like instincts on offense, though he's not the passer that Larry Legend was.

PJ Tucker, Junior, Texas

Would you want to guard this guy? Yeah, me neither. A tenacious ball hawk, a gigantic wingspan, a nose for scoring around the rim like no other in college hoops, PJ Tucker is about two inches and twenty-two cheeseburgers away from being Charles Barkley. Collegiate defenders, often with height advantages, struggle to stop Tucker, who uses that wingspan, along with his remarkable quickness, to rebound and score at an impressive rate. This is not a Texas bias vote, either. Tucker is that good. He's going to give you some turnovers with his style, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Randy Foye, Senior, Villanova

You'd think it might be tough for one guard to stand out in a four-guard starting lineup, but Foye manages to separate himself from the rest of his talented teammates. Villanova, and Foye, a senior, surprised many last year by making a deep run in the NCAA tourney. Foye shoots the three, he rebounds well for a guard, and plays strong defense. Throw in the fact that the Big East conference is the best in the country, and Foye, who should be player of the year in the conference, has to be on the first team.

Rodney Carney, Senior, Memphis

All he does is score. He's lightning quick and can take over a game like few in the college ranks. The biggest difference for Carney has been the improvement in his jump shot. Last year he hit 76 three pointers in 234 attempts. This year, he's already hit 76 in only 186 attempts.

Second Team
*Rudy Gay, Sophomore, Connecticut
*Jeff Green, Sophomore, Georgetown
*Lamarcus Aldridge, Sophomore, Texas
*Shelden Williams, Senior, Duke
*Mike Gansey, Senior, West Virginia