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Big 12 Games of the Week

The Big 12 conference race is nowhere near as tight as some others (see Big Ten, Big East), but no one is running away with the title either. Texas, Kansas, and OU currently stand at the top and one of those three should claim this year's title. Colorado currently stand fourth and must remain in the top four to get a first round bye in the Big 12 tourney. The Buffs probably need to finish in the top four if they hope to receive an NCAA bid on Selection Sunday.

Big 12 Standings (through 2/12)

  1. Texas 9-1
  2. Kansas 8-2
  3. Oklahoma 7-3
  4. Colorado 6-4
Big Games This Week
Monday: Kansas at Oklahoma State 8:00 CST ESPN
Wednesday: Oklahoma at Colorado 8:30 CST ESPN2
Saturday: Colorado at Kansas State 12:30 CST ESPN Full Court
Sunday: Texas at Oklahoma State 12:30 CST ABC