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Big Monday in the Big East

Texas basketball fans have been lulled to sleep recently with runaway wins over Missouri, A&M, Texas Tech, and Nebraska. Our frontcourt, especially PJ Tucker and Lamarcus Aldridge, has been dominant but largely untested. If there is team with a better frontcourt and maybe a better starting five than Texas, it is #1 Connecticut.

I encourage you to tune into ESPN tonight at 6 PM CST for the Huskies battle at #4 Villanova. Nova has very talented guards, in Randy Foye and Allan Ray, but only decent big men. UConn, on the other hand, has NBA talent at every position. They dominate the paint with Hilton Armstrong and Josh Boone, can score from the wings with Rudy Gay and Rashad Anderson, and control the flow of the game with the silky smooth play of Marcus Williams. Gay, although only a sophomore, is a sure top 5 pick. Boone and Armstrong could be lottery picks as well. Williams is the best point guard in the country and a likely first rounder. Anderson will get an NBA look as well. Their bench, unlike ours, is loaded. Their second five would probably be ranked in the top 25. Denham Brown, Jeff Adrien, and Craig Austrie all contribute valuable minutes.

In my opinion, UConn is by far the best team in the country. They get a chance to prove it this week. UConn is 22-1 overall and 9-1 in the Big East. They are tied with Nova and West Virginia for the conference lead. UConn plays both this week. After tonight's Big Monday matchup, the Huskies play at #11 West Virginia on Saturday afternoon. Two wins this week will go a long way to wrapping up another title in the best conference in the country.

UConn is a team with size, depth, and talent that Texas definitely does not want to see in the NCAA tournament.