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Valentine's Night at the Drum

For those of you without anything or anyone to do tonight, head to the Drum. #6 Texas (21-3, 9-1) takes on the last place Baylor Bears (2-8). The game will be televised in Texas on Fox Sports Southwest.

Texas looks to remain in first place in the Big 12 and one full game ahead of Kansas. The Jawhawks ran away from the stumbling Oklahoma State Cowboys in the second half last night. The only way the Horns lose this one is if they spend their time trying to pick which Pom Squad member to take out after the game.

The Horns have already beaten Baylor, 66-47 in Waco earlier this season. The Horns have a +18.8 scoring margin in conference games. This one will be no different.

Horns will cruise, 75-52.

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