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Quick Hits: Stone Hands, White House, Rankings, and Stanford

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*Former Texas forward James "Stone Hands" Thomas signed a 10-day contract with the Bulls, his second call up from the NBDL this year. I do miss watching Thomas crash about wildly with his unmatched enthusiasm for rebounding. Best of luck to Thomas, the NBDL's rookie of the year in 2005.

*The Horns had a good time visiting the White House yesterday. As did Travis and I. You can read President Bush's remarks from the event here.

*The Horns hoops team still sits at #8 in the NCAA's RPI rankings. In Jeff Sagarin's ratings, the Horns are at #2 in the PREDICTOR ratings, which Sagarin says are his most accurate rankings.

*Don't look now, but the young and upcoming Kansas Jayhawks only trail the Horns by one game in the Big 12 standings. The February 25th showdown with the Jayhawks, which ESPN is bringing its GameDay crew to Austin for, is looking like the game of the year in the Big 12. Get your tickets now.

*The baseball team, coming off a successful run in the Houston College Classic, travels to Palo Alto for a three game showdown with Stanford, another baseball powerhouse. Windler, are you going?

*Gonzaga administrators have asked their students to refrain from using the "Brokeback Mountain" chant at hoops games. A good idea for all universities, really. Horns fans, please be respectful: calling them Aggies speaks for itself.