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Eddie Sutton "Leaving" OSU

ESPN is reporting that Oklahoma State head coach, Eddie Sutton, will leave the program and enter an alcohol treatment center. The university just completed a bizarre news conference. I only caught the end. Neither Eddie Sutton nor his son Sean Sutton were in attendance. Eddie Sutton apparently read a statement that was delivered via a conference call. The news conference didn't use the word resign. They only said that Coach Sutton was leaving the program.

ESPN is also reporting that Sean Sutton will take over the team permanently and has already agreed to a five year contract. Even previous to this week's events, Sean was the head coach designee and has been for the past two seasons. So, if Sean is taking over and will be signing a contract, doesn't that mean that Eddie resigned?

Coach Sutton currently stands just six wins shy of 800. Due to his health and age, it is unlikely he will ever reach that plateau.

The Horns travel to Stillwater this Sunday.