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The New Scott Ware?

Now that our good friend Scott Ware has moved on to terrorize NFL teams, The Other Andrew humorously wondered aloud who the new BON pseudo-altar god would be.

I thought about it for a little bit and one guy just kept coming to mind. Rhett Bomar. The dude -looks- like a total douche, he's overhyped, and pretty much sucks. And he would make a great verb. "Damn, did you see that pass from Vick? He totally Bomarred the ball. The guy was wide open! What a bum."

Should Rhett Bomar be the next running joke at BON?

I'm open to other suggestions, and I'm sure our next whipping boy will make himself known organically, or, more likely, by some USC job-slobber. For now, though, I'm content to write a post making fun of Rhett Bomar.