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Golden Arches All Americans

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Two future Horns, Kevin Durant and D.J. Augustin, were named McDonald's All Americans on Thursday. Durant is considered the second best high school player in the country and was a lock to be named to the team. Augustin's selection comes as more of a surprise.

The McDonald's All American game will be March 29th 9 PM CST from San Diego. The dunk and three point contests will take place two nights earlier on March 27th 9 PM CST. Both future Longhorns will play for the West team. Darrell Arthur, the top player in the country who has not yet signed a letter of intent, was also named a McDonald's All American and will play with Durant and Augustin on the West. Although Kansas is thought to be Arthur's top choice, Texas still has a shot. Arthur is from Dallas and is rumored to be coming to Austin for Saturday night's game with the Jawhawks.

 The Horns are among a few schools with multiple players among the 24 selected.

Ohio State & North Carolina: 3 players each
Georgia Tech, Duke, Texas, Stanford: 2 players each
Arizona, Washington, UCLA, Georgetown, Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisville: 1 player each.
Undecided: 2 players (Darrell Arthur and Lance Thomas)