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A Test For GMs

1. Did you watch the Rose Bowl?

(a) Yes, live in Pasadena    (b) Yes, on television/tape    (c) Both live and on tape     (d) No

2.  Was Vince Young's the single greatest performance in college football championship history?

(a) Yes        (b) No

3.  Did you score as well on your SAT as you had hoped?

(a) Yes        (b) No


1)    Give yourself 5 points for a, 3 points for b, 10 points for c, and 0 points for d
2)    Give yourself 5 points for a, 0 points for b
3)    Give yourself 10 points for b, and subtract 5 points for a and quit lying.

I don't know about you, but I got a 20.

I'd draft Vince Young. You?