"Ramoncing The Stone"

My very own copy of "Live The Dream - The Texas Longhorns' Magical March To The 2005 National Championship" came in the mail today...oh happy day, or was it?

I would warn the rest of you not to buy this $20 piece of cheese but I know it's too late. You couldn't possibly be a BON member and not have purchased it.

Without completely ruining "The Dream" before the rest of you get to "relive it" for yourselves (rock me), I will simply tell you that it was one of the cheesiest, most poorly written highlight videos I have ever seen. I'd rather watch Mangino do an informercial on the Food Network, that's how bad this DVD is.

I will admit that the brief moments when we get to see Mack Brown address the team before and after big games in the locker room were pretty cool. And having Mack Brown and Greg Davis make comments while the rest of us watch the last six minutes of The Rose Bowl was a nice touch and different than what's been done. But none of that justifies the skip shot cheese-fest Verne Lundquist takes us on for over an hour. No lie, during the Baylor highlights, Verno actually reads this line from the script, "This day belonged to RT, no Bear could stop Taylor from Ramoncing the Stone."

The whole DVD is just one skip shot like that after another. No wonder the sticker on the protective plastic covering stated "Once plastic seal is removed, DVD can not be returned."

Thankfully, my BCS National Champsionship DVD produced by ABC also arrived today. Let's hope it's not quite as dissapointing.

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