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Bracketology: Teams That Scare Me. And Don't.

Just a quick conversation starter for the day, as I've got a lot of work to do...

Teams I do -not- want Texas to play in the NCAA tournament. This is not to say that we can't beat them, just that I'd rather not find out if we will...

UConn When they play hard and focused, they're the best team in the nation. They're freaking huge, long, athletic, skilled, and damn well coached. Watching their big men go ballistic on Villanova on Saturday reminded me of why, exactly, I don't want any piece of them. Could Texas beat them? If the offense was having a great day. Otherwise, nope.

Michigan State You'd think they'd break this pattern sooner or later, but it appears that so long as Paul Davis is enrolled at MSU, the Spartans are going to continue to have a B/B+ regular season and enter the tournament as dangerous as anyone. Speaking of Davis, is it me or has he been around forever now?

Alabama The SEC isn't exactly loaded, but along with Tennessee, Alabama is one of the few I'd just as soon avoid. Call it a hunch. If we're a #1 seed, I hope they're not our #8.

Ohio State Wow, this post is not going to please Brian. The Buckeyes are well coached and playing great basketball. I'd rather someone else deal with them. If they get hot, they can win their regional.

And now, for a change of pace, a few highly touted teams that won't even make me blink if they're in our bracket.

Gonzaga Different year, same song. They're always a fun story, and I do like Morrison, but this team's too reliant on one player. The Horns could handle the Zags just fine. Just like Texas Tech handled them last year.

Pittsburgh Lots and lots of good athletes. Very few basketball players.

Illinois This team does not impress me. As much as I personally root for Dee Brown, he's not a game breaker. I'd be pleased to see them as the #3 seed in Texas' bracket.

Feel free to jump in with your own set of teams you do, or don't, want to see in your bracket.