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NCAA Top Seeds February 6th

A few years ago the NCAA began using the "pod" system to keep the top seeds as close to home as possible. Teams always wanted to be a top seed in the NCAA tournament. But the "pod" system has made it even more critical to be seeded as one of the top four teams in a region. Fans of the top teams usually have just a short drive to the tourney site whereas their opponents' fans probably have much further to travel. There is a huge home court advantage in basketball, maybe larger than in any other sport.

As long as Texas continues to play well, they will surely secure a top seed and be rewarded by playing close to home. Dallas is the closest site this year for first and second round games.

There are 34 days left until Selection Sunday. I will start posting my top seeds on Mondays. These are if the season ended today. They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1:  UConn, Duke, Villanova, Memphis
No. 2:  Texas, Illinois, Michigan State, Gonzaga
No. 3:  Tennessee, Florida, Pittsburgh, West Virginia
No. 4:  Ohio State, UCLA, Iowa, Georgetown

Close: LSU, Michigan

Big 12 Bids (4)
For Sure: Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas
Most Likely: Colorado
Bubble: Iowa State