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Horns Move Back to #1 Seed in Mock Bracket

The newest edition of ESPN's Bracketology, as predicted by Joe Lunardi, is out, and the Horns have climbed back in to a #1 seed. Illinois, which had previously held the last #1 seed, lost, to the Horns benefit.

This is, for all intents and purposes, much ado about nothing. Texas will finish the season as a #1 or #2 seed, barring an unlikely collapse. While predicting which teams will get in, and how they'll be seeded, is more of an exact science, guessing which matchups the committee will create is beyond anyone's predictive abilities. Unfortunately, the matchups are what are most important, so there's not much point in breaking down mock brackets.

I won't lose any sleep trying to figure out whether or not Texas earns a #1 seed, and it really doesn't make too much difference except in one regard. If you're a #1 seed, you aren't going to see Duke or UCONN until the Final Four, at the earliest. And that's a good thing.