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Prospect Profile: Buck Burnette

By Josh Austin, Recruiting Writer

A quick look at former Longhorns in the NFL reveals a large proportion of offensive linemen among the group.  The Forty Acres has been a factory for good linemen over the past 10 years.  Its no secret that Mack wants to dominate the line, imposing his offensive will on opposing defenses.  It all starts with recruiting well on the OL.  Once again, Mack landed another solid OL commit in Buck Burnette.

The Wimberley native goes a ripe 6'3" 295 lbs.  Burnette actually weighed in at 310 lbs his junior season, but decided to cut down going into his senior year.  The results were amazing.  Playing a little smaller gives Burnette quickness and flexibility that he uses well on the field.  Burnette has some pedigree; his father was on the OL at SMU during the "Pony Express" days.

The best thing about adding Burnette is options.  He will be able to play either guard or center and play either well.  This could end up being a huge factor before his UT career is over.  Injuries happen, especially on the OL.  Having options like Burnette makes the line deeper.  Burnette was the first commit of this class and has been preparing for the Big 12 ever since.  Burnette's impact on next season's team will be injury-dependant.  He could certainly get some playing time if a starter goes down.