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Quick Hits

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*Mack Brown and several Longhorns will apear on today's Oprah Winfrey show.

*The Horns hoops team still sits at #8 in the NCAA RPI rankings. The most interesting fact that jumps out of the rankings is that the Horns have played each of the top four teams (Duke, Memphis, Villanova, and Tennessee) and five of the top seven (Iowa #7). The Horns were spanked by Duke and Tennessee, but beat Memphis, Villanova, and Iowa.

*In Jeff Sagarin's NCAA rankings, the Horns check in at #2. By his rankings, the Horns are 2-2 against the top ten, and 5-3 against the top thirty.

*The Tennessean drools over Vince Young at the Super Bowl. And Kirk Bohls does the same.

*The preseason top ranked baseball team got off to a rocky start in San Diego, getting swept to open the year. They'll be fine. Lots of new faces are making their debuts for the Horns.

*BON's Next Big Thing is taking his speed to the track. A nice feature on the speedy Jamaal Charles.

*And finally, the expansion of DKR continues. The additions will increase capacity to over 90,000.