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The Power of 41 Over 38

I thought I'd seen it all... until just now. In doing my regular perusing of all the blogs I keep an eye on, I stumbled across one of the most amazing things I've ever seen at Student Body Right, which is by far the best USC blog out there. (They lack a little in their coverage of homosexual politics, but there's still time.)

In giving a brief Trojan Rooting Guide for the Super Bowl, SBR suggested that most Trojan fans, having no particular affinity for the Steelers or Seahawks, should choose the team that featured the combination of most Trojans and fewest rivals.

Both Seattle (Tatupu) and Pittsburgh (Polomalu) had one Trojan apiece. And in listing players that attended schools that are oppositional to USC, SBR provided two categories - "Rivals" and "Bitter Enemies".

Included in the "Rivals" category were NFL alums of Oregon, Notre Dame, Cal, and UCLA.

And in the "Bitter Enemies" category? Just the alums from one school.

Yep, you guessed it. Casey Hampton, DD Lewis, and Marcus Tubbs, from Texas.

In just one year, we pissed off USC more than Notre Dame, Cal, and UCLA could in a hundred.