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The Lamarcus Aldridge Fairwell Tour

Soak in the Lamarcus Aldridge moments this season, Horns fans, because this is the only chance you'll get. After spending some time today perusing NBA mock draft boards for next summer's draft, Aldridge is being projected between the #1 and #3 pick in virtually every prediction.

#1 on Hoops Hype

#1 on ESPN

#2 on About

#3 on NBA Draft Net

Folks, when you're a projected top five pick, you don't stay another year. So enjoy the moments. This season is Lamarcus' last in the burnt orange.

Interestingly, if you look at the mock drafts listed above, the guy who's really hurting his prospects is Daniel Gibson. Coming in to the season, he was widely considered a guy that would be flirting with a lottery pick. His struggles this year have him listed in the 20-25 range in most projections now. Gibson, who we thought might be a lock to leave after this year, may have to stay another year to work on his game if he can't climb the draft boards with a strong finish to the season.