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Overhyped Ohio State

I was perusing the list of players invited to this year's NFL combine in Indianapolis and something immediately jumped out at me. The Ohio State Buckeyes (along with Southern Cal) are sending a -ton- of players. Twelve, to be specific. Including an astounding eight from their defense.

Buckeyes participating in the combine:

Bobby Carpenter (LB), AJ Hawk (LB), Anthony Schlegel (LB), Marcus Green (DL), Mike Kudla (DL), Donte Whitner (DB), Nate Salley (DB), Anthony Youbouty (DB), Santonio Holmes (WR), Nick Mangold (OL), Rob Sims (OL), Josh Huston (K)

This raises some questions for next year's team, doesn't it? The entire linebacking crew is leaving. The secondary will be almost entirely new. Two defensive linemen, gone. And their best receiver.

I was as impressed as anyone with Troy Smith's improvement over the course of the season, and Ted Ginn and Michael Pittman are solid players, but this team is going to be overrated to start the year. That's just too much talent to lose and replace quickly. Ohio State, like Texas, is a reload-not-rebuild kind of school, but this looks to me like too many new faces starting football games to justify a top five ranking.

Tomorrow I'll be doing our pre-pre-preview of the Horns matchup with Ohio State, but let's just get it started with this. There ain't no way the Buckeyes are leaving Austin with a win. Not. Gonna. Happen.

UPDATE: Our SBN cousins at Around the Oval have already pounced on this post with a reply, which you can read here. In tomorrow's early look at the matchup, we'll respond in kind.