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Around the Nation

3:30 p.m.

Duke 80  Miami 76

The Dukies were on the ropes until the final seconds in this one, but Reddick hit a huge clutch jumper to put the game away. Miami played with a lot of heart and gave Duke all they could handle, but Reddick got it done. The win means Duke's virtually guaranteed a #1 seed at this point, but their weaknesses were exposed today. Strong, athletic teams will give them trouble. Watch their matchups closely.

South Carolina 79  Tennessee 71

Huh? The Vols, who can be tough as nails, didn't show up for this one. Tennessee still probably projects as a #4 seed for the NCAAs. They may not have enough interior game to go to the Final Four, but they're a strong club, as Texas knows.

Ohio State 63  Northwester 56

Northwestern led for about 2/3 of this game, but the Buckeyes clamped down on defense to pull out the win. They could still land themselves a #1 seed if they win the Big 10 tournament, depending what happens around the nation.

Wake Forest 37  NC State 20 (Halftime)

It happens every year. An ACC team with a disappointing regular season heats up for the conference tourney. Wake can't do what Maryland did two years ago and win the whole thing, but it's fun to see them on a run right now. I'm not a big believer in the Wolfpack this year. Not enough scoring.

Update [2006-3-10 16:58:47 by HornsFan]: Wake wins it, 82-71

We'll keep updating scores and scenarios as games unfold.