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Horns and Aggies: Big 12 Semis Open Thread

#8 Texas (26-5) vs. Texas A&M (21-7) 1:00 PM CST ESPN2.

The America East final is currently on ESPN2 and will likely run past 1 PM.

I really think the Aggies still need this one to guarantee an NCAA berth. Depending on how other games go, they will probably still get in with a loss. Texas needs this one to stay in the conversation for a #1 seed. UConn and Villanova, despite their losses will be #1s. Memphis just wrapped up the Conference USA tournament to go with their regular season title. Those titles along with their tough non-conference schedule will likely give them a #1 seed too. Duke is playing right now in the ACC semifinals. If the Dukies are upset, then we have a shot. Otherwise, we will be competing with Ohio State for the top #2 seed.

Keys to the Game
--We must control Joseph Jones inside.
--Brad Buckman must stay out of foul trouble and contribute unlike yesterday afternoon.
--Texas must play our brand of basketball. Daniel Gibson, AJ Abrams, and Kenton Paulion need to attack the basket and not just take threes. We must also drop the ball to Lamarcus Aldrdidge and PJ Tucker on every possession.
--Last, we win with defense and rebouding. We must control the glass on both ends and limit Aggie scoring to Acie Law and Jones. Do both of those and the Horns will win.

Post your comments thoughout the game here.