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A&M's Case

Some pundits think A&M is safely in the NCAA tournament. I am not one of them. A&M finished fourth in the Big 12. The Big 12 is down this year. Way down. Against the top three teams in the Big 12, A&M is now 1-5. They only beat one NCAA tournament team. That was Texas and that game was at home. They played an awful non-conference schedule that included only one road game which they lost (at Pacific). Their non-conference RPI is 49 and their non-conference strength of schedule is 247. Those don't look like NCAA numbers to me.

Overall, their RPI was 43rd coming into the Texas game. They are only 1-5 against the top 50 in the country.

The Aggies may get in but they really need Nebraska and South Carolina to lose and Nevada to win the WAC tonight. If all three of those don't go the Aggies way, they could easily be left out.