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NCAA Top Seeds March 12th

Selection Sunday is one of the best days of the year for college basketball. That day is today. The words bubble and bracketology have been stamped into the nation's vocabulary over the last few weeks. Today is the day all speculation comes to an end. Teams, coaches, and fans are either elated or crushed.

Andy Katz from ESPN just said on TV that the Colonial and the Missouri Valley were the two conferences which were given the most attention over the last few days by the selection committee. He also said to expect a bunch of mid major at-large selections and at least one major conference at-large disappointment. Will that be Seton Hall, Cincinnati, Michigan, Alabama, or Texas A&M? A&M will be the last team in. We shall see. Selection show is 5 PM CST on CBS. Enjoy the games.

Here are my final top seeds:

No. 1:  UConn, Duke, Villanova, Memphis
No. 2:  Ohio State, Texas, Illinois, Gonzaga
No. 3:  North Carolina, Iowa, UCLA, Pittsburgh
No. 4:  Boston College, Florida, LSU, Tennessee

Close:  West Virginia, Kansas, Washington, George Washington

Big 12 Bids (4)
For Sure: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma,
Bubble Problems: Texas A&M,
NIT Bound: Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas St., Iowa St., Oklahoma State