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Final Projections for the Big Dance

AW's NCAA Tourney Teams (as of March 11th)

I've crunched all the numbers, examined the conference strength, looked at the records in the last 10 games, and most importantly weighed who you beat and where. Here are my final projections:

Big East-9 bids: UConn, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Marquette, Georgetown, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Seton Hall
Big 10-6 bids: Ohio State, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Indiana
SEC-6 bids: Tennessee, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky
Missouri Valley-5 bids: Northern Iowa, Wichita State, S. Illinois, Bradley, Missouri State
ACC-4 bids: Duke, North Carolina, Boston College, NC State
Pac 10-4 bids: UCLA, Washington, California, Arizona
Big 12-4 bids: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M
CUSA-2 bids: Memphis, UAB
Mountain West-1 bid: San Diego State
Colonial-2 bids: UNC-Wilmington, Hofstra
WAC-1 bid: Nevada
Atlantic 10-2 bids: George Washington, Xavier
19 other conferences-1 bid each

Bubbles Burst
Those left out: Florida State, Michigan, Maryland, Utah State, George Mason

Last In
Alabama, Seton Hall, Missouri State, Texas A&M, Hofstra