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41 Reasons Why We're Gonna Win

In honor of our 41-38 Rose Bowl win, 41 reasons why Texas can cut down the nets in Indianapolis...

1.    Penn is an Ivy League school.
2.    We've already defeated Iowa.
3.    We've already defeated West Virginia.
4.    JJ Reddick is getting tired.
5.    Shelden Williams' visa in to the solar system is due to expire soon.
6.    Marcus Williams just stole my laptop. And I'm reporting him.
7.    Daniel Gibson is back.
8.    It's the 100th anniversary of Texas hoops.
9.    We've already defeated Memphis.
10.    Kenton Paulino can shoot the three.
11.    Brad Buckman is healthy and rested.
12.    The football team won the national title.
13.    The baseball team won the national title.
14.    The Steelers (MY team) won the Super Bowl
15.    When it rains, it pours. This is my year.
16.    Mad Dog just ate Coach K.
17.    Lamarcus Aldridge: He's good.
18.    Jay Bilas didn't pick us.
19.    JD Lewis will not play.
20.    Connor Atchley will not play.
21.    Mike Williams is improving. (Okay, that's a stretch)
22.    Ken Pomeroy's computer loves us.
23.    We play our first round in Dallas.
24.    We play our second round in Dallas.
25.    PJ Tucker, Big 12 Player of the Year.
26.    Season's bad losses? Already accounted for.
27.    UConn is waaaaay over in the DC bracket.
28.    It has to happen sometime: football, baseball, basketball.
29.    We're the only school that could possibly do it.
30.    Gerry McNamara is... wait, nevermind. He still sucks.
31.    We own Ohio State. (See you in September, too.)
32.    The Pac 10 blows.
33.    Bruce Pearl's jacket just blew up, and he went with it.
34.    Florida hasn't beaten anyone this year. Seirously: Look it up.
35.    If Air Force can get in the tournament, pigs can fly. And we can win it all.
36.    God hates Aggies. Good karma for us.
37.    Reggie Bush will be rooting against us. We own Reggie Bush.
38.    AJ Abrams just keeps getting better and better.
39.    Did I mention that Daniel Gibson is back?
40.    Bush wants another Texas party at the White House.
41.    Vince Freaking Young. Just because.