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Something Better To Think About

I needed something to get my mind off of the depressing scene in College Station last night. I turned to what would normally be a source of snickering jokes: softball. Yes, it's time to check in on Cat Osterman's numbers.

She's started 11 games for the Horns this year. In those 11 games, she's only allowed 2 runs to score (the number of Brad Buckman points last night, by the way). In the 72 1/3 innings she has pitched (217 outs), she has 172 strikeout. That means she's recording 80% of her outs via the strikeout. Unreal. Meanwhile, she's only walked 10 batters on the year (fewer than the number of Texas turnovers against A&M last night). Batters are hitting for an .075 average against her. Hell, she's only given up 18 hits all year. Somehow, two of those hits went for home runs.

I am torn between wondering whether she would be fascinating, or boring, to watch play. The outcome of each at-bat is pretty much decided the moment the opponent walks in the batter's box. I'm guessing the 6'2" pitcher is a joy to watch.

She's dominating her sport in a way that makes Tiger Woods look like a Nike Tour golfer. Incredible.