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Shrimp and Pancakes

TexasSports got a hold of former Texas defensive star Michael Huff after his combine workouts in Indianapolis. Normally, the interviews with TexasSports are pretty bland. With current coaches and players, the content is pretty strictly limited and usually comes out a little bit dry and forced.

Not this time. This interview with Huff is delightful. There are several truly funny exchanges, a couple of which I'll share with you here.

Where are you right now? I'm walking around at my place waiting on Rod [Wright] to get here. We're about to go to a Hummer dealership. I'm not buying one; he's buying one.

What are you buying? I'm not buying anything. I'm just going for moral support.

Okay, good to know. I hope when I go to buy my first Hummer, I'll have the same kind of support. 54b, will you come with me to make sure that I get the biggest, baddest, and most obnoxious one in the showroom? I'm not sure I'll be able to decide on my own. Cool.

More fun:

So did that include talking about IHOP? Of course, and that drew some chuckles.

So what about buying an IHOP? Yeah, I have to buy an IHOP, then everything will be free. I might change it to International Huff of Pancakes, so it'll still be IHOP, but it'll have a Huff in there, but then I can get my favorite meal -- shrimp and pancakes.

They have shrimp at IHOP? Yeah, that's why I go. They have shrimp and pancakes. I think most people don't know that.

So you're already pitching to be the spokesperson. That's all I've been doing. In every interview I talk about shrimp and pancakes. In my little diaries, I talk about shrimp and pancakes, so I'm putting it out there.

To be perfectly honest, after reading that, I'm hungry for shrimp and pancakes. He's a good salesman. That said, I'm not sure that I'd want the two together. Or even consecutively. I think in separate visits. Then again, I'm also stuck at a desk and Michael Huff is training for the NFL. Maybe I should eat more shrimp and pancakes.

Former Texas defensive star Michael Huff sprints to the nearest IHOP for shrimp and pancakes.

After the interviewer (briefly) returns back to NFL combine talk, the interview concludes this way:

In the photo gallery on, you were seen trying on boots and a cowboy hat, what's your explanation? Going into it, I didn't think I'd like it at all, because I had heard boots are tight and hurt your feet, but they were actually pretty comfortable when I put them on. I had a hard time getting them off, but wearing them was fine. As far as the hat, I'm not really a hat man, so you probably won't see me in it too much.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to the Longhorn fans? I just want everyone to know I'm going to buy that IHOP right on I-35, and they can come eat there and support me.

Sounds good to me. See you there, Mike.