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Git 'er Dun

We're in full hoops mode right now, but how about this for a little football fun?

From the Longhorns' football website:

The Longhorns' championship will be featured in a special paint scheme on the "No. 99 Aaron's Dream Machine" auto, which will be driven by Waltrip, for the upcoming NASCAR Busch Series race Saturday, April 8, at Texas Motor Speedway.

Now, we're not the biggest NASCAR fans in the world here at BON, but this if freaking cool. And it reminds me: while watching cars drive around in circles on television strikes me as ridiculously lame, going to a live NASCAR event seems like something immeasurably fun. Between ultimate tailgating, coolers of beer, the sights and sounds of -live- racing, and crazy racing fans, I imagine it's a hell of a way to spend a Sunday.

Further, in this particular case, I'm certain the move will help to diminish our reputation as "tea sippers" amongst the inbred folk down in College Station. Actually, this is probably a (yet another) pretty big slap in the face for the Aggies. Dominated by Texas in athletics and academics, we're now out-rednecking them.