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Adding to Wiggins' Thoughts

Wiggins nailed many of the points I was going to make, but allow me to add a few more.

*After it became apparent that our half court offense had no chance of success against LSU, Barnes should have urged Texas to push the game in to full transition basketball. Why we didn't push for the fast break is a mystery.

*We ran two plays over and over and over: give it to PJ in the paint or give it to Lamarcus in the paint. And yet, neither player was able to get it going, which is a credit to LSU. They defended our post better than anyone has all year. For some reason, Barnes never clued in on this and kept calling the same plays.

Texas fans will likely chalk this up as a successful season, and in many ways it was. At the same time, while Rick Barnes deserves a ton of credit for getting this program to be one of the nation's best, I'm still disappointed with his inability to teach offense or make in-game adjustments. Yet again today (right at the close of the first half) we came out of a timeout with a terrible play.

Rick Barnes deserves credit for what he does well. He also deserves criticism for what he does poorly.

Starting on Monday we'll review the season and look ahead to what 2006-07 might look like. We'll also start to look closely at the baseball team, which has rallied to play well of late.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.