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Eating Crow

Our basketball season officially ended on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta one step short of the Final Four and three wins shy of a national championship. Before I look forward to next season, it is important to look backwards. If you don't learn from the past, then you are doomed to repeat it. So, I re-read my basketball preview.

Back in November our football team was undefeated and heading towards the Rose Bowl. Our baseball team had won the College World Series the previous June. We were openly dreaming of the Texas Slam or Bevo Slam or whatever we were going to call it. Texas was going to accomplish something no other school had ever even come close to: the Horns were going to be reigning champs in football, basketball, and baseball.

When the season began, we were Hornsblog not BON. Therefore, many of you were not around to enjoy my prognostications. Some were dead on. Some were a little off, i.e. I thought Daniel Gibson, not PJ Tucker, would challenge Lamarcus Aldridge for Big 12 Player of the Year.  One was clearly way off.

Hopefully by the time the Final Four rolls around, Texas will have an opportunity to do something seemingly impossible: hold three major sport national titles simultaneously. Imagine the College World Series winner, the Rose Bowl winner, and the Final Four champs all from the same school.  Likely?  No, but possible.  And for arguments sake, Texas is the only school in the country with a real shot.  USC, Miami, LSU, and Florida State all have solid baseball and football teams.  But none of them will be in the Final Four anytime soon.  

I couldn't have been more wrong. Congratulations Tigers.

Readers, I believe that is the definition of eating crow.

BTW, the LSU baseball team in ranked #16 in the latest polls, their football team will be pre-season top 5, and obviously their basketball team is in the Final Four.