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Longhorn PTI, Week 1

We're introducing a new segment here at BON, something that will normally run every Monday morning, but which we're inaugurating today out of necessity. `Longhorn PTI,' which we're stealing from the popular ESPN television hyper-pundit show Pardon The Interruption (Mike Wilbon, Tony Kronheiser) will be a brief set of takes on the top stories of the week. We'll refine the segment as we go, so please let us know what you like and, if you must, don't like.

Just like on the television show, Andrew and I will alternate turns on the first comment to each question.

Final thoughts on the LSU loss?

HF: Just a disappointing loss, really. The Tigers deserve credit for the way they defended us, but I didn't walk away from the loss feeling like we lost to a special team. And I don't mean that in a "the best team didn't win" kind of way. They were better, they deserved to win. Rick Barnes never got this team up to that next level where our talent could outshine everyone else.

AW:A few days removed from the pain, I still feel the same way. We really missed an opportunity with this team. We have just as much talent as LSU. We win that game six or seven times out of ten but for those 45 minutes the Tigers were better. Tyrus Thomas and Glen "Big Baby" Davis played outstanding. Aldridge and Tucker did not. Their big time players stepped up and that is what made the difference.

Who's going to the NBA in June?

AW:Since the beginning of the season, I have thought this would be Aldridge's last year. Even with his shortcomings, he will be a top 5 pick, if not higher. Chance of going pro: 95%. Gibson did not have a great year and isn't ready. If he declared, he wouldn't be drafted. Chance of going pro: 5%. Tucker is the wild card here. His stock is not likely to improve much even if he did come back. Chance of going pro: 60%.

HF:Gibson wouldn't be drafted? I don't know about that. I think he'd miss out on the first round, which means he shouldn't go, but I'd bet that someone would take a flyer. I agree on Tucker's stock not improving much, and I'm not sure that I see him having much of an impact in the pros. Then again, he's been underestimated his whole life, like Drew Brees. I won't put anything past him. Aldridge is all but gone, and if I were in his shoes, I'd take the guaranteed money, too. That said, another year would help him. He's gone.

The Horns baseball team has won four in a row and 10-of-12? Impressed?

HF: It's so hard for a major league baseball junkie like myself to get really into the college game. The plink of the bats, the inferior competition, the lack of regular games on television making it hard to follow from afar... I keep my finger on the pulse of the team, but like most, I suspect, I only really wake up when the University of Texas at Omaha gears up for the playoffs.

AW:Is it College Word Series time? Not yet. Ok, then I don't really care. I love football and I love basketball. Baseball is boring. I will watch the CWS because the games mean something and they are usually played at a high level. Until then, I'm tuned out.

The Spring Football Game is set for Saturday. What's the biggest story in your mind?

AW:There is no question here. The play of Jevan Snead and Colt McCoy. VY carried the Horns to a national championship and will forever be loved. His bolt to the NFL leaves a serious question mark behind center, obviously. Neither Snead nor McCoy has taken a college snap. We will win with our running game and defense next year, but it sure would help to have a competent QB as well. The real question, then, is who will it be, and how quickly will Mack decide?

HF:You're right, of course, and that's what we'll all be watching. But the other thing I'm watching is how many fans show up to the game. 20,000? 40,000? Christ, can we fill the whole stadium? After winning it all, and with so many people wondering how these QBs will look, I wouldn't be shocked if most of the stadium is filled. The real drama would have been if Texas had made the Final Four. What a dilemma for all these football first Horns fans! A meaningless spring game or the Horns Saturday evening Final Four matchup? They would have been at the same time. I would have loved to have seen how many passed up on watching the hoops to catch the spring game. Insane, but true.