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A reader comment inspired me to search SI's covers for a potential Cat Osterman feature, and looky what I came across... An October 7, 2002 feature on Stanford v. Texas for America's Best Sports College.

Now I haven't read the article and can't analyze whatever conclusion they drew then, but since 2002, Texas has been awfully good in the major sports, while Stanford, uh, hasn't. Two baseball national championships and a football title, with that Vince Young guy, surely propel the Horns to the top of the list, barring an unlikely domination by Stanford in the other sports. Considering our prowess in swimming, track, and the like, you'd have to think that, were SI to write the article today, the Horns athletic program would top the list.

Meanwhile, our girl Cat is looking super sassy-licious there on the cover, smirking at Stanford with that F You I'm Cat Osterman and We're Texas look that keeps us coming back for more.

We're still open to suggestions for titles to this daily column, but I'm leaning toward "Catnip."

If I could purr, I would.