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Your Attention Please: A Longhorn Blogroll

It's time we take a moment to throw a Hook `Em out to some of the other great Texas sites out there. After all, while Burnt Orange Nation remains our unabashed and unbiased choice for the best spot to get your Longhorn on, there are tons of other great sites out there that deserve your attention.

*54b's Longhorn Commentary: Who better to start with than our very own 54b? Dude is funny. Dude can also write really well. And dude has his own blog with gameday summaries from every Longhorn football contest. Required reading during football season.

*Longhorn Nation: Think Facebook meets MySpace meets Burnt Orange Nation and you've got an idea of what we're talking about. If emoticons are your bag, this will be your ultimate site. Plus, they're savvy enough to recognize that content counts. That they pay us for the content just makes them our best friends.

*BevoSports: Two Longhorn grads have developed this blogtastic forum for posting links and brief takes on Longhorn related news. They're funny, post regularly, and the site is supremely clean. Plus they have the videos of the shirtless singing Aggies. Immediate bonus points.

*JCDenton40: If it's Longhorn videos you're looking for, go here. Go now. Just awesome.

*Bevo Beat: Yep, the mediocre Austin American Statesman has a Longhorns blog up. It's too newsy, without enough analysis, but they get most noteworthy stuff up there. A good place to start for the day's headlines.

*HornFans: Proceed at your own peril. The most ginormous Longhorn message board ever is a fun place to gather with fellow Horns fans. That said, it's kind of a plunge into Longhorn chaos. Might be your bag. Who knows...

There are some other sites out there that we didn't include; notably, ones that require you to pay to read. We're generally against that idea, but if you're not, you'll have no trouble finding great stuff at Orangebloods, InsideTexas, and the like.