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Vince's Fragile Future

Ian, from Sexy Results, has (as usual) a very sharp take on, among other things, the ridiculous Jay Cutler salivation/Vince Young bashing we're hearing in the media these days. I'll encourage you to read the entire post, which you can find here, but maybe the most interesting bit was his argument for why the New Orleans Saints might be wise to buck the NFL trend of running minor variations on the same offense and snag Vince with the second pick.

But ironically, this might make Vince Young a more ideal #2 draft choice, because the Saints can most accurately be described as "starting from scratch." Of course, I imagine they'll take Matt Leinart just to make the inevitable move to L.A. that much smoother, but the Saints have a unique opportunity. With the way their roster stands right now, they could probably try to recreate the Longhorns style of offense without really sacrificing too much of what they currently have.

It's an interesting argument, and gets to the most important aspect of evaluating Vince Young. His success, it seems to me, is going to be very much married to the willingness of the team that drafts him to take full advantage of his particular talent set. Trying to force him in to the usual NFL offensive mold might be a square peg-round hole disaster that will lead to Young being a "bust" or being forced to change positions.

Again, it's like we said when the whole Wonderlic thing broke out: if an NFL team can't figure out how to win with Vince Young, we'll have a true sign of intelligence failure.