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More Like Vince

If imitation is the best form of flattery, Greg Davis ought to be blushing a bright red. Why? In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora explains that he and his staff have been studying the Texas offense in their quest to get the most of Vince Young Lite (Michael Vick).

Q: What changes might you make offensively to better use Mike Vick's skills?

A: What we've done this offseason is we've looked at Texas, West Virginia and Missouri and some of their shotgun run stuff and the way they use their quarterbacks in their system. Some of the stuff they do out of the shotgun is kind of like the old veer stuff with the quarterback making reads, putting the ball in the running back's stomach, reading the end and either dropping it off and pulling it out.

We have a quarterback that's capable of that. It's great stuff. Working from under center, it's tough to see. In the shotgun, you can see it. We're trying to learn from anyone we can.

Well I'll be darned. This development is interesting on a number of levels, not the least of which is the hope that we'll see more deviation in NFL offenses in an attempt to get the most out of their players.

The New England Patriots under Bill Belichick have been the best at running non-traditional plays and schemes, with the Pittsburgh Steelers not far behind. Ian, from Sexy-Results! has touched on the trend among NFL teams to run only minor variations of the same offense across the league, as has the Heisman Pundit.

If Billy Beane is leading a revolution in the way that baseball teams are run, perhaps Bill Belichick has started a revolution in the way teams think about what an NFL offense can do. This is very good news for Vince Young. The team that drafts Vince Young will not get a Hall of Fame quarterback if they attempt to squeeze him into a role for which he's not well suited. The more creative NFL offensive coordinators are willing to become, the better Vince Young's chances of being a great professional player. I believe he can be, and will be. Heisman Pundit is right, in this case. Vince Young will lead the quarterback revolution in professional football.