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Prospect Profile: Ryan Mallet

By John Swofford, Recruiting Writer

The biggest question mark for the Longhorns next year is the QB position.  There's something you don't hear every day.  OK, so we know that we have young QB's.  We also know that neither Jevan Snead nor Colt McCoy have ever taken a snap in a college game.  Let's move past that and assume that one, or both, have good years.  What does that mean for the following year?  The hottest talk in regards to recruits seems to be Ryan Mallet.  Where is he going?

Wishful thinking or a sign of things to come?

Texas and Michigan are really the only two players left in this game.  The decision on where to go may ultimately hinge on who has the worse of the two quarterback situations.  While Texas doesn't have as good a situation as Michigan, that doesn't mean that it won't have a better situation come 2007.  With Chad Henne being a Jr. it really depends on whether or not he stays for his Sr. year or bolts for the draft. Said Mallet recently:

"...if [Chad] Henne stays four years, I'd have a chance to redshirt and compete for the job the next year. If Henne leaves early, then I'd have a chance to compete for the job [right away] if I come," Mallett said. "That's two pretty good situations. Redshirting was not my idea, but it just depends on what happens.

"[Texas] said it just depends on how well their quarterbacks do this year. I'd always have a chance to compete, but if something happens like somebody gets hurt...."

Let me finish that for your Ryan: I'll have a great chance to compete for the starting job.  

Ryan would like to make a decision prior to his senior year of high school so he can concentrate on winning a title.  That may bode well for Texas.  If he commits early, as Mack Brown likes his players to do, he may wind up going to Texas.  Not only would he not know how the current QBs play, but he wouldn't know if Henne is planning on staying or going pro.  But, he hasn't committed to pledging his services prior to the start of his season.

It would be great to see Ryan Mallett  in the Orange and White uniforms.  His size and ability would work well with Greg Davis' preferred style.  But it may be months before we get any clue as to which way he is leaning.