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NCAA Seeds Final Week March 6th

There is just one more week of tournament basketball before Selection Sunday. There are lots of teams holding their breaths right now. The Big 12 will surely get its top three in but beyond that who knows. A&M and Colorado both won on Saturday to improve their chances. Colorado must win their first round game and beat A&M to get consideration at this point. The Aggies need to beat the Buffs to have a legitimate shot. A trip to the Big 12 finals would secure one.

Both teams need Gonzaga, George Washington, Nevada, and Bucknell to win their conference tournaments and claim the automatic bids. With every loss by one of those four, there will be one less at-large bid for a major conference team.

Teams like Seton Hall, Arkansas, California, and Michigan are probably in the field now but might not make it with too many upsets. Other teams like Syracuse, Maryland, Florida State, and BYU would be helped tremendously by strong showing in their conference tournaments. Without a win or two, none of those four will be dancing.

These are if the season ended today. They are listed by strength within each seed as well.

No. 1:  UConn, Duke, Villanova, Memphis
No. 2:  Ohio State, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina
No. 3:  Gonzaga, LSU, Iowa, UCLA
No. 4:  Tennessee, Washington, Kansas, George Washington

Close:  Pittsburgh, Boston College, Florida, West Virginia

Big 12 Bids (3 1/2)
For Sure: Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma,
Bubble Problems: Texas A&M, Colorado
NIT Life: Nebraska, Kansas St., Iowa St., Oklahoma State